• Connectivity via LoRa
  • Class type: Class A
  • GNSS+Bluetooth (optional) positioning
  • Tracking your daily activity:Heart rate, step and sleep monitor.
  • SOS for cloud platform management


ED20W is a smart wristband with GPS/ LoRa®/Bluetooth functions. combined with motion sensors can achieve real-time positioning. With wearing detection, it can realize real-time collection of health data such as heart rate, number of steps and sleep. the detected data will be transmitted back to the server platform through the LoRaWAN base station.


  • Health Care,Team management
  • Elder Safety, Outdoor Safety, Lone Worker Safety.


Parameters Specification
Modem ISM Band LoRa®
Frequency EU868MHz,US915MHz,AS923MHz
Class Type Class A
Positioning Build in GNSS, Bluetooth (optional) and accelerometer
Display 240*240 TFT Display
Rubber strap 22mm standard size
Buttons Two function buttons
Battery capacity Polymer battery,400mAh, 3.8V
Charging Magnetic charging cable
Enclosure IP65
Electronic tags Support RFID (NFC Tag and M1 card) (for payment, public transportation, access control, etc.) (not equipped by default)
Health data Heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, sleep detection
Alarm SOS alarm,Low power alarm
Operation temperature 0~60℃
Operation humidity 10%~90%,Non-condensing
Dimensions TYP. 48*52*14.5mm (W*L*H)
Weight 50g