ED10W LoRaWAN Smart watch for Lone worker

Provides a more affordable way for personal health care monitor. With GPS/ LoRa®/WI-FI functions, real-time collection of health data such as heart rate, body temperature, number of steps and sleep.

ED20W LoRaWAN Smart watch for senior health care

LoRaWAN compliant, create a reliable backup communication network for use when cell service is down. Keep an eye on the workers when they work alone, helping to ensure their safety.

ED210 LoRaWAN Smart Badges

ED210 is an intelligent GPS tracker based on LORAWAN network transmission. It supports GNSS outdoor positioning and Bluetooth 4.0 indoor positioning. The positioning accuracy is 10 meters outdoor and 3~5 meters indoor. Through the intelligent tracker, beacons, LoRaWAN gateway and platform, it can realize the real-time positioning of staff and visitors. Help enterprises and institutions achieve personnel management and safe production.

ED5201 LoRaWAN Cattle Collar

ED5201 series is a LoRa based GPS tracking device for cattle tracking with Li-SOCl2 battery. The Collar’s GPS location data will uplink to LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose , The collar is programmed wirelessly by the network server. You can control how often GPS location data are collected, can also remotely command program changes to the fix rate and mortality schedule, fix duration time, and GPS location data transmission interval.

ED5201-A LoRaWAN Asset Tracker

ED5201-A is a LoRa based asset tracker support GPS and BLE positiong, Build in two Li-SOCl2 battery, with low power consumption, long battery life and communication range. The asset tracker’s location data will uplink to LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose.