ED5201-A LoRaWAN Asset Tracker
  • Communicate via LoRa, No SIM card required
  • Industry-Leading Battery Life & Reliability
  • Build-in GPS/GLONASS and BLE chipset, support indoor and outdoor positioning
  • Rugged & waterproof
  • Easy Integration


ED5201-A is a LoRa based asset tracker support GPS and BLE positiong, Build in two Li-SOCl2 battery, with low power consumption, long battery life and communication range. The asset tracker’s location data will uplink to LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose.


Vehicle and feet management in airports, seaports, construction site, mining, oil&gas etc industries.


Parameters Specification
Frequency Band 868~928MHz,Optional
Battery Specs 38000mah Li − SOCl2 battery, Non rechargeable
Temperature -45~+75°C
Dimensions 185*57*53mm (Weight 360g)
Communication range 9KM LoS, 3-5KM in dense environment
Transmit Power +18dBm
Modulation LoRa Modulation Patented by Semtech
Protection Requirements IP67
Antenna External rubber duck antennna
Positioning accuracy Indoor 5-8M, outdoor 20M