ED5201 LoRaWAN Cattle Collar
  • Communicate via LoRa,No SIM card required
  • Build in pedometer
  • Geo-fencing
  • Low power alert, collar cut alert
  • Communication range 9~12KM LoS, 3~6KM in dense environment
  • Low power consumption: battery life as long as 3 years @ 1 location per hour
  • Wide application: can be widely used in cattle, sheep, horses and camels tracking


ED5201 series is a LoRa based GPS tracking device for cattle tracking with Li-SOCl2 battery. The Collar’s GPS location data will uplink to LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose , The collar is programmed wirelessly by the network server. You can control how often GPS location data are collected, can also remotely command program changes to the fix rate and mortality schedule, fix duration time, and GPS location data transmission interval.



Parameters Specification
Frequency Band 868~928MHz,Optional
Battery Specs 38000mah Li − SOCl2 battery, Non rechargeable
Temperature -45~+75°C
Dimensions 185*57*53mm (Weight 360g)
Communication range 9~12KM LoS 3~6KM in dense environment
Transmit Power +18dBm
Modulation LoRa Modulation Patented by Semtech
Protection Requirements IP67
Collar size 5 cm wide Neoprene Belting
GPS positioning solution Sensitive down to -148dB